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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:


Question: How can I win free merch?

Answer: The person with the most points every month gets free merch.


Question: How can I earn points?

Answer: You can earn points by uploading images. Every upload gives you points. You also get points for every comment and like you get on your post. By commenting and giving out likes, you can also earn extra points.


Question: How many times can I win?

Answer: You can win once every two months (basically to give someone else a chance to win too).


Question: How will I get my free merch?

Answer: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I will contact you through your registration email and you will have to share your adress or PO box with me so I can send it. You will receive it, in less then 2 weeks.


Question: Were can I check the leaderboard?

Answer: You can check it HERE. The first user shown is in the lead.


Question: I had alot of points but it got reset today, what happend?

Answer: Points get reset in the beginning of every month. This is normal so don't worry about it, we do this to keep track correctly.


Question: Will there only be one winner?

Answer: As this website grows, so will the amount of winners. The website is in its early stages so we really can afford one winner per month at the moment.


Question: What can we win this month?

Answer: You can win the item below this month:


(we will start this october and the item will be displayed here)